Radio advertising let’s you speak to your customer in a direct and intimate way that can’t be beat by other marketing platforms. You can cheaply and effectively record a pitch and then target that ad to your potential customers. Radio has the largest reach of any advertising platform and provides a unique opportunity to connect with your potential customer using your own voice.

6 ways radio advertising can't be beat

Facebook, Google, tv, outdoor, etc. all have their place, but there’s a few things that can make audio advertising deliver outsized results for small business owners, or marketing agencies on behalf of clients.

1. Audio has the greatest reach of any marketing platform.

Radio reaches 92% of Americans every single week. The only other platform that even comes close is television which reaches 87% of folks. When you add in things like podcast advertising, apps like Spotify, and more those numbers undoubtedly grow even larger. The fact remains though, no other marketing medium exists that can reach such a large percentage of the population in the United States. Audio advertising is large and diverse. This makes audio the king of advertising reach, which is a fancy marketing way of saying the number of unique people that see or hear an ad.

2. Radio is un-skippable.

Audio marketing hasn’t been hit by adblock, you can’t just scroll past an audio ad, and you can’t simply skip past it. Audio advertising grabs a listeners attention and delivers its message quickly to your potential new customer or client.

3. Audio ads can be highly targeted.

Most folks think that audio advertising is relatively untargeted. That you simply run your ad on the local station and whoever is listening is who you happen to get. This may have been true in the past, but with recent advances in advertising technology you can actually be incredibly targeted with who your ad actually reaches. For example, here at Reverb Media, we have 10s of thousands of potential audiences that you can select from to make your ad as targeted as possible. We’re able to do this by partnering with 3rd party data providers such as Oracle, Nielsen, and more. Your ad is then delivered to those folks over digital radio, podcast ads, and more. If you want homeowners in Kansas, you’ve got it. Lawyers in Louisiana? You bet. 18 year old men in Missouri. Easy. Audio advertising is among the most highly targeted way to deliver your exact right message to your exact right audience. You simply have to think outside of the AM/FM dial to get those massive advantages of data.

4. Radio advertising can be flexible to your budget.

Many advertising platforms demand large spend outlays. TV can be thousands of dollars for a marketing campaign. Outdoor can also be incredibly expensive, especially for billboards near high traffic areas. With digital radio advertising costs can be incredibly low. One can set budgets as low as $10 per day to reach who you want with no long term commitment. That sort of budget flexibility is nearly unheard of across many mediums and even many digital mediums.

5. Radio advertising has a proven ROI.

According to Nielsen the ROI of audio advertising is near unbeatable. Nielsen found that in some cases radio advertising was able to deliver $12 in purchase activity for every $1 spent on ads. Compare this to a medium like Facebook ads where many advertisers consider a $3 to $5 return on ad spend to be very healthy. Other mediums can be far less. Audio advertising clearly has an outsized effect on consumer behavior and can give your business an unfair advantage over competitors.

6. Audio advertising allows a large degree of creativity.

Many platforms have extremely limited ways for you to express your unique selling points to your customers. Facebook ads have extremely strict rules and guidelines around what you can and can’t say as well as how you can present your offer. For audio marketing, while there are of course rules, you have a large degree of latitude to use many kinds of special effect sounds, voices, legally licensed music, and more in your radio commercial. You can use this breadth of creativity to tell a unique story to your audience and move them from being simply someone listening your audio ad to a customers.

There you have it. While most marketing platforms have merit to one degree or another, it’s clear that audio advertising has significant advantages in certain ways that other platforms simply do not. If you’re looking to advertise your business you should seriously consider audio advertising as an option or to be part of your marketing mix.